Entry doors

Whether it is a private home or an office, a hotel room or a residential unit in a vacation village, modern or classic design - solid wood front door makes the place solid, intriguing and inviting. Entrance doors have always been a challenge for any architect or designer. From doors of palaces to luxury estates and offices of senior office holders - front doors have always been a status symbol. Wooden doors have always blended in with a variety of metals and gems. The most common combinations today are combinations of steel doors with steel, glass, engravings and art carving. Glazed front doors are a world in itself. The combination of natural wood and glasswork is nothing short of amazing! There are endless possibilities for combining glass art with wooden doors, from simple or matte glass to complex illustrations. Depending on the wood and glass design, a wooden door with glass can transmit both transparency and simplicity, but also a mysterious and intriguing effect. On the other hand, glass has always been a symbol of luxury and exclusivity. Combining glass work with a wooden door is always an unmissable addition. Metals and gems, as mentioned, also fit well with wooden doors. Metallic or gemstone decorations are a great way to upgrade the door and add some strength and "depth." In contrast, smooth, simple doors made of solid wood can achieve the goal by being heavier and more massive than other doors and providing physical strength alongside a clean and natural feel of the wood.

Entrance door selection

Proper selection of an exterior door should take into consideration the nature of the place. For example, privacy versus openness. Glazed doors of cafes so that passersby can peek inside? An office where the door should give maximum privacy? A door facing the street or courtyard should have a sufficiently strong coating against weather damage and provide adequate thermal insulation from the outside environment. In a steel-coated wooden door, emphasis should be placed on the insulating material between the wood and steel layers. In front doors that open into hallways or reception halls it is best to implement a design that emphasizes that the door leads into a separate and not visible space, against the continuity of the hall.

Solid wood front doors made by ArtDoor

The front door strongly symbolizes the nature of the place. This is a forward statement about what can be found behind the door. This is the first thing you meet at the entrance and the last thing you see at the exit. With a special emphasis on delivery times and service, the concept of Door To Door takes on additional meaning for us. We provide solid wood doors tailored to any type of environment and location. Using the highest quality raw materials and adhering to the standards and high finish, we work in full coordination with private clients, architects, designers and contractors. And provide the highest quality, most suitable doors and the most accurate timing.

Solid wood front doors

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