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Full and complete service of manufacture and installation of solid wood doors at the customer's house, with full functionality and maximum door life

Installation of wooden doors

The most important thing to keep in mind when installing solid wood doors is the simple fact that a solid wood door is heavier and has a different structure than the "regular" door of the same size. When installing a door, it is advisable to follow the procedure in accordance with the instructions or use a specialist with specific knowledge and experience in installing massive wooden doors. Installation of a wooden door is substantially different from the installation of a steel door for example. The differences in their weight and structure are first and foremost reflected in the choice of frame, all the more so when it comes to "hidden" frames (frames installed in the same line as the door, to create a flat, uniform appearance with the wall). Unsuccessful construction of the frame will cause irreparable damage and also undermine the value of the most prestigious door. Therefore, if you have not purchased the complete door + frame assembly, during installation, make sure that the hinges are capable of withstanding the torque and mass of the door, which can vary depending on the structure and type of wood. Another but equally important parameter when ordering doors of any kind is the position of the handle and hinge, as it is usually preferable to avoid doors that open into narrow corridors or service rooms.

Choosing an interior door for your home

This door deserves a variety of features - design and fit for the environment and home appearance, location and fit for dimensions and transitions, as well as more technical aspects of raw material quality, locking type, thermal and acoustic insulation, proper installation and more. The right combination is a balance between eclectic appearance on the one hand but flowing and the continuity of the other components in the room on the other. The door should give a certain tone, but not a complete contrast to the other colors and furniture. It is worth considering that a massive door in a small room can cause an effect where the door will overshadow the room and make it look even smaller. In spacious rooms, a too delicate door can be very noticeable. It is important to fit a suitable door for specific rooms in the home because the door fulfills different functionality in each of the rooms and what is required of the door is taken into account given the location. Bedroom or study doors are different, for example, from kitchen doors or bathrooms. Choosing a suitable door takes into account privacy elements, along with constraints on environmental conditions and considerations of coating layers to protect the door's ambition as naturally as possible.