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ARTDOOR offers solutions for kitchen and seating areas in classic or minimalist styles for kitchen work such as moisture resistance and temperature, while maintaining an easy level of maintenance and cleanliness.

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The kitchen. The heart of the home. The happening center. When we are away from home, the kitchen is where we are remembered. When you return home, the kitchen is where you meet and catch up. ARTDOOR performs woodwork for all types of kitchens island tables, serving counters, cabinets and doors. Whether it is classic style, modern style, bar or dining area - the highest quality raw materials available in the market today and customer customization make every kitchen a warm, welcoming and homey place. Our knowledge and experience, together with our ability to work in full cooperation with the leading designers and architects in the industry, ensure optimal planning and execution of the kitchen construction or renovation project. These are reflected in every aspect of your kitchen, from adjusting resistant materials and coatings to heat and humidity, to maximizing space utilization to ensure comfortable and efficient work.

Just before building a kitchen ...

In kitchen design, there are many parameters to consider. If you haven't hired the services of a professional designer and prefer to design yourself, here are some highlights to keep in mind - whether your kitchen space is large, medium, or small - try to keep 3-7 feet in a straight line between the vertices of the "Golden Triangle" - the refrigerator , Stove and sink. The sink is the most active place in the kitchen. Place the sink between the stove and refrigerator and keep a minimum working surface of 80 cm, at least on one side of the sink (preferably on both sides if possible). Establishing an island in the kitchen can be a great solution as an additional worktop or dining area. In addition to power constraints and plumbing In establishing a kitchen island, the issue of the width of the aisles must be taken into account. The width of the aisle should be large enough for regular work and movement space.