Installation and maintenance of sliding doors

When installing a sliding door, it is important to use high-quality rubber gaskets to bring high acoustics, maximum opacity and performance capability such as "locking" the door with a small push. Another important element of sliding doors is the track element. The friction between the rail and the wheel of the door must be minimal in order to reduce noise and avoid malfunctions. When conducting the annual Passover clean, the door rail must be cleaned from its inner side to prevent the dirt from sticking to the wheel, which can cause the door to get stuck or cause physical damage to the rail when opening too tight. In sliding doors that are in damp areas such as baths or seaside units, it is important to keep a door resistant to moisture, as well as coated rails and wheels made of stainless steel wheels. Once a few years, it is advisable to grease the wheel axis to maintain smooth and quiet movement. Clean machine oil and not grease should be used.

Sliding doors

There is no doubt that the hottest trend in home design today is sliding doors. Although not a new product, the sliding doors have never been as popular today. And that's not the case. The sliding doors have a clean, "high-tech" and solid look.